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Nitro Coffee

Coffee on draft is still fairly rare, but has recently been gaining popularity.
Prior to cold brew coffee, serving coffee on tap was not possible due to the fragility and “shelf life” of hot brewed coffee. As cold brew coffee can maintain its taste and flavor for 2 weeks allows it to be stored in a keg during that period without sacrificing quality.
Adding Nitrogen gas, the coffee can last much longer.

Why Nitrogen (N2)?
Nitrogen is a primary gas not as soluble in liquid as other gases like CO2.
This difference in solubility makes nitrogen the gas that is the most suited gas when serving coffee on draft since coffee is not a beverage that is generally served carbonated.

Cold brew coffee offers a smooth, rich, bold flavor and nitrogen is the gas that best allows those characteristics to show through.

Obtaining Nitro Coffee
In order to obtain Nitro Coffee, the coffee must be pressurized with Nitrogen at high pressure typically between 35 to 45 psi.
The type of faucet suitable to serve Nitro Coffee is the Stout faucet. Serving Nitro Coffee with a stout faucet will give the coffee the thick, creamy head and smooth, rich mouth feel. It will also give the cascading, waterfall effect in the glass.

This cascading effect along with the thick, rich mouth feel that is given from the stout faucet is something that is becoming more and more sought after from coffee lovers.

If you are a coffee lover, and have not yet tried a high pressured cold brew with Nitrogen gas poured from a stout faucet “ NITRO COFFEE” you should come to one of our POGON shops and try it.