Coffee Packing

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Coffee Packing

Green Coffee Bags

Jute / Sisal bags (hessian sacks)

Hessian sacks made from jute or sisal are the industry standard. Jute is a lengthy, soft vegetable fibre that can be spun into stiff, durable threads. It is one of the most affordable natural fibres. jute bags do not protect green coffee from moisture or potential contamination of flavour from strong odours. This can have a negative effect on coffee flavour, which can take on other flavours or be compromised due to mould. Too long stored in the bags, or increased water activity on the bag can also create what is known as a ‘baggy’ flavour to the coffee as well.


This hermetically (airtight) sealed food-grade zip-locked plastic bag fits inside the regular jute bag and protects green beans by developing a modified atmosphere that stays stable during transport and storage. Whereas a jute bag has a porous open weave which leaves it unable to protect against moisture, the plastic of the GrainPro seals the beans in a stable atmosphere. It also protects against insects and fungal contaminants.

Vacuum packing

Vacuum packing removes all air from the packing bag and preserves coffee flavour for longer, while keeping beans protected from water and other outside influences that affect quality. Often packed in boxes smaller than typical sacks (anywhere between 10 – 20 KG compared to jute bags which tend to weigh around 60kg).